What are the structures of full-color led display wall?

What are the main components of led display? There are many led display manufacturers of led displays on the market, and the price of led displays of the same model is still very different. A large part of the reason is its components. The merits and unit prices of these structural components will affect the final price of led displays.led walls
1. Unit board
The unit board is one of the core components of the led display screen. The quality of the unit board will directly affect the display effect of the led display screen. The unit board is composed of the led module, the driver chip and the pcb circuit board. The led module is actually packaged by many led luminous points with resin or plastic;

This is a common unit board, which is easy to buy and cheap;
1/16 scanning, control mode of unit board;
The indoor brightness refers to the brightness of the led light. The indoor brightness is suitable for the environment that needs fluorescent lighting in the daytime;
Color, monochrome is commonly used, and the price is relatively cheap. Double color generally refers to red and green, and the price will be slightly higher;
Suppose you want to make a 128  screen, you just need to connect the two unit boards in series;
2. Power supply
Generally, switching power supply, 220v input and 5v DC output are used. However, it should be noted that the LED display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, so switching power supply should be used instead of transformer. For a single red indoor unit board, when it is fully lit, the current is 2a; It can be inferred that the current of 128 * 16 two-color screen is 8a when it is fully lit, and 5v10a switching power supply should be selected;
3. Control card
We recommend to use a low cost strip screen control card, which can control a point two-color screen with 1/16 scanning, and can assemble a LED screen with higher cost advantage. This control card belongs to an asynchronous card

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