New direction of led display screen wall development

As the image symbol of the new era, LED display screen is strongly advocated by government departments that electronic production and R & D enterprises must develop in the general direction of energy-saving resources, low consumption, low energy consumption and green environmental protection of R & D high-tech products. Experts in the industry have expounded the development direction and general trend of LED display screen for many times, but hardly made a systematic statement on the future development direction of LED display screen products.

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1、 Develop towards energy saving led display and create energy-efficient new products
LED (semiconductor light emitting diode) itself is very energy-saving. Its characteristics are: high light efficiency, long life, easy control and maintenance free;
It is a new generation of solid-state cold light source. It is soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption and green environmental protection product. But the power consumption is not small when the LED display is made.  If the outdoor screen is at least tens of square meters, or even hundreds of square meters, the total power consumption is very large. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of LED display and realizing real energy saving is definitely the most important development direction of LED display.
2、 Develop new technology with convenient installation and operation in the direction of lightness
At present, the most popular product in the industry is the iron box screen. The light screen weighs more than 50kg per square meter. With the weight of the steel structure, the overall weight is very heavy. Even for small and medium-sized projects with tens of square meters, the total weight should be in tons. In this way, many floor buildings are difficult to bear such heavy attachments, and the load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept. Therefore, lightness is also the development direction of LED display.
3、 Two new highlights of product technology breakthrough in the direction of thin and transparent
As the electronic products commonly used in our life, TV sets have become thinner and thinner. Many mobile phones also take ultra-thin as the product highlight, and computer monitors are also developing in the direction of thin. The product becomes thinner and lighter, which makes it easier to transport and assemble the display screen. LED display screen production must also closely follow the mainstream of electronic products. Besides, “transparent” and “transparent” refer to ventilation and light transmission. If the LED large screen is installed on the top of the high-rise building, ventilation is very important. The larger the air permeability, the smaller the wind resistance, the stronger the wind resistance, and the greater the protection of the product. If the LED display is installed on the side of the high-rise building, the product can transmit light and will not affect the indoor lighting. Otherwise, after the product is installed, it will become a dead wall, making the room dark in the daytime as at night. To sum up, thin and smart is also the development direction of LED display.

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