Choose a reference solution for LED display screen advertising

For applications such as displaying corporate image and advertising in banks, shopping malls, etc., low prices are required. In terms of displaying text information, P10 semi outdoor and outdoor LED displays are preferred. Require display effects, using indoor P5, P6, P7.62, P8 full-color displays and outdoor, P10, P12, P16, P20 full-color LED displays.

high quality led displays (2)
For occasions with large lobby areas, use P6 dual color display screens. Requirement for display effect, using indoor full-color LED display screens such as P6, P7.62, P8, P10, etc.
For large squares, sports stadiums, park squares, large outdoor advertisements, etc; Choose to use outdoor full-color LED displays such as P12, P14, P16, P18, P20, P31.25, P40, etc.
For entertainment venues such as television broadcasting halls, stages, bars, and dance halls; Choose to use indoor full-color LED displays such as P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, P12, P16, P31.25, P40, etc.
The function definition of service windows in banking, postal, power and other business halls was not flexible when using stickers in the past. Now using φ 3 or φ The display screen of 5 shows that the service function of the window can be changed at any time.
Outdoor LED display screens have higher quality requirements due to harsh usage environments. There are also many factors to consider. From a usage perspective, full-color will be the mainstream in the future. Due to its high brightness, full color range, and all-weather operation, it has irreplaceable advantages; From a price perspective: Nowadays, prices have become popular and can be accepted by consumers.
Elements for selecting LED display screens
From a usage perspective, when choosing an LED display screen, the following factors should be considered first: brightness, display content, information capacity, and viewing distance.
(1) Brightness
Indoor type LED display screens shall be selected for installation in normal indoor lighting environments.
Outdoor LED display screens should be selected for installation outdoors.
Semi outdoor LED display screens should be selected for installation in high light environments such as open lobbies, eaves, outdoor canopies, or sunlit roofs.
(2) Display content
If it is mainly used for displaying pictures and video images, then a full-color LED display screen should be selected. Video images require at least 60000 pixels, so the resolution (total pixel density) of the display screen should generally be at least
X (row) * Y (column)=60000 points. The effect only occurs when the video is played several times or more. If taking P16mm outdoor LED display screen as an example, the display screen should be above 16 square meters;
If it is mainly used to display text, data, tables, 3D graphics, and animations, then a dual base color grayscale display screen should be selected;
If it is mainly used to display text, data, tables, and two-dimensional graphics, then a dual base color graphic display screen can be selected;

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