How to Choose The High Quality LED Display?

We have 13 Years experience on high quality led display manufacturing. we do the strictly inspection for each step.PCB Inspection-Solder Paste Printing-SMT Machine-Module Kit Assembly-Semi finished Board Inspection-Reflow Soldering-Aging Test-Repair. Then Finish the LED Module Production. If you are seriously looking for a High Quality LED Display, Please Be Patient To Read This Over! 1. High Quality LEDs The Outdoor LEDs we choose Nationstar LED that have the high reliability and contrast,wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high brightness,high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity. 2. LED Module Mask We use the best Pure Black Mask With Louvre, NO Glossy With Best contrast. it will increase the brightness in the daylight for outdoor led display application when directly to the sunshine. 3. Driving IC To achieve the best visual performance of our indoor and outdoor led display,we use the Best Driving IC, with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology. and configure the best Brightness Efficiency by the LED Screen Software. 4. High Brightness  After finished the led module,we will have 48 hours for the led module aging. then do the Cabinet Assembly-Software Configuration-LED Display Inspection-Labeling-High Voltage Test-Ground Resistance-Test-QC-Packing. After Packing,We will arrange the shipment to the worldwide Customers.

Common problems of LED display screen1.

What does UTP stand for? UTP means unshielded twisted paired, it is a kind of net wire,also means RJ-45 to transmit the DVI signal. 2. What is The synchronous control system? It means is not need the date wire and PC when it is playing, just edit the play files with computer first,then through a date wire copy it into the USB, CF Card,SD/MMC Card. And put the card into the receiving card external interface, then the screen will play the edited files. 3. What is the difference between the real and virtual pixels pitch? The virtual pixel can achieve pixel share,(4LEDs) be 4-times pixel share, and (3LEDs) be 6-times pixel share.so it will be better effect to play pic or video,such as:the video has 320x240dots,if we display with virtual pixel then will be 640x480dots to display the video,more definition. 4. What is the weight of the cabinet (including all parts)? For Steel Cabinet the weight less than is 65kg,and for Aluminium cabinet is 55kg, and the weight of 960mmx960mm Cabinet is 58 Kg(Steel),50 Kg(Aluminium) including all parts. 5. What is Silan LEDs? Silan LEDs is made in china, it is a public company with reliable quality. many of Display manufacturer are using(http://www.silan.com.cn/english/include/default.aspx) it.but you can point the LEDs aslo,like:Cree,Nichia or Avago. 6. What is sending card/receiving card? Sending card to send the DVI signal (graphic card with the DVI singal interface transit the DVI singal to sending card) to the screen, receiving card+hub card to send the DVI signal to all modules 7. Where would the DVI cable be connected to? DVI signal, Graphic card to sending card to receiving card+hub card to the screens. just use RJ-45 data wire to connect the sending card and receiving card. 8. What is the use of graphic card and hub card and where would it be placed? Graphic card is fixed in the PCI or VGA interface of the PC main board. the hub card fixed on the receiving card to extend the signal 9. What does the Driving Method mean? Driving Method means use the Driving IC to control the LEDs, 1/1 scan means one pin to control one LED. it is usually used for outdoor. we have 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 for Indoor, because it will effect the brightness and consumption of the LEDs. 10. What does the Driving IC mean? Driving IC means to control the LEDs current,LEDs usually the constant current 0.16mA to 1.2mA. so it is important for screen to use the good Driving IC, we used the TOSHIBA TB62726.

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