The difference between LED display technology and LCD display

The display of LED video wall technology is colorful, energy-saving and environmental friendly, and the visual angle is high. However, we do not know what led technology is and what is good about it. As the leader of LED display screen industry, Shenzhen Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. has the obligation to popularize what is led and what is led tv.
The liquid crystal display we often use is actually an LCD display, which is called liquid crystal display in English. Most of the panels are TFT, TFD, ufb and STN. The working principle of the liquid crystal display is to change the color of the liquid crystal inside the transistor by applying power, and there is a fluorescent lamp CCFL backlight behind the transistor board, which usually consumes a lot of power. The LED screen display we see is usually derived from the LCD display, and generally refers to the liquid crystal display using the LED backlight. The LED technology display is not a real LED display, so Samsung was sued for this matter. Since the LED display on the market only uses LED backlight technology, most of the LED displays on the market have been changed to LED backlight displayled screen panels
Since the display uses LED tubes as the backlight, with the help of LED technology, the display body can be made lighter and thinner; As the LED tube itself is more energy-saving, the energy-saving and environmental protection aspects are certainly better than the normal display; However, there is not as big a gap in imaging as that spread on the Internet, because the essence is the same thing, and it is impossible to have too big differences.
I believe that by now we have basically understood the difference between LCD and LED backlight display. The real LED display does not need backlight, so the process requirements are higher and the price is expensive. At present, it has not been popularized, and the only ones are still limited to commercial use.

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