How to do a good job in fire prevention of LED display screen?

The key to the application of LED display fire protection technology is closely related to the LED display fire protection raw materials and box technology. The fire-proof raw materials include four layers: wires and power supply used inside the LED display screen, fire-proof materials and plastic kits of external safety protection structure;
1. in most LED display applications, the larger the display per unit area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the requirements for the wire power on stability. In many wire products, only the application of wire that meets the requirements of national standards can ensure the safety and reliability. There are three regulations: the wire core is a copper conductive carrier, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the wire core is within the standard range, and the insulation and flame retardant of the rubber covering the wire core meet the standard specifications, which is different from the ordinary copper-clad aluminum wire core. Conductors with small core cross-sectional area and insufficient insulation rubber grade have more stable live performance and are not easy to cause short circuit;
2. UL certified power products are the best choice in the same industry. Their reasonable conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of power load and can work normally in the hot external environment.
3. as for the materials for the external safety protection structure of LED display screen, most of the display screen products with high fire resistance in the market are fire-resistant aluminum-plastic plates, which have excellent fire resistance, fire safety and flame retardancy.

led screen panel
4. The fireproof raw materials of LED display screen have a key part. As for the plastic kit, the plastic kit is mainly used as the raw material for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The key application raw material is the PC glass fiber raw material with flame retardant effect. It not only has flame retardant effect, but also will not deform or become brittle and easy to crack under high and low temperature and long-term application. It can be directly combined with the glue with good sealing performance to reasonably prevent the rainwater from penetrating the outside environment and causing short-circuit fire.
5. when there is no breakthrough in key raw materials such as lamp beads, increasing the current will not improve the brightness.
In addition, the internal raw materials will affect the actual effect of fire prevention. The external configuration is as critical as the design, but the external configuration key includes the heat dissipation in fire prevention. When the display works, it will be equipped with exhaust fan and air conditioner to dissipate heat and heat inside the screen. It is recommended that every 8-10 air conditioners in the square assembly line 1p ensure that the temperature in the screen is kept at a normal constant temperature.
6. correct installation
Because the full-color LED display screen should be electronic components, and some of its main raw materials also belong to combustibles, it is necessary to fundamentally “prevent combustion”, and use high-quality power supply, wire, IC, connector and other combustible electronic components to reduce the failure rate and adjust the fire probability of the LED display screen; Technically, during the whole installation process of full-color LED display screen, professionals must do a good job in installation, guidance and inspection, so as to nip the problem in the bud; Approaching the flammability of the LED display.

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