Safety problems of full-color LED display screen wall need attention

In recent years, there have been various safety accidents of full-color LED display screen, fire and stage have also been submerged by seawater, even the display screen has been overturned and injured, and the theme content is poor. These security incidents will not only cause harm, but also gradually destroy the hope for the safety performance of full-color LED display, and bring huge economic losses to end users.

In the case of not deep understanding of the full-color LED display, all companies and you should take the lead to guide, tell you the safety performance of the full-color LED display, and eliminate the potential misunderstanding of the insecurity of the full-color LED display. The manufacturing industry of full-color LED video display has the longest history, but the phenomenon of secure content started relatively late. In the past two years, the security risks of theme content were pointed out by the industry and discussed on content security.

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The Ministry of industry and information technology issued opinions and suggestions on strengthening the network security of the manufacturing industry, and set the goal of basically building the network security system of the manufacturing industry by the end of 2020. As one of the segmented industries of network security, the release of this idea will be an official publicity to strengthen the security of LED display content, which means that in the future, institutions are strictly investigating the theme content of full-color LED display, and the security risk system of the theme content of full-color LED display is being built.
Experts said that while the recent Hong Kong incident and the recent 70th anniversary of the founding of the country, government agencies will strengthen the theme content security risk of full-color LED display screens, and this year will become a major turning point in the history of content security development. China has developed the most mature control system, making dual bikinis based on mobile phone applications to prevent the control of theme content from falling into the hands of others. In addition, app also requires real name authentication, so that the sender can be accurately found and punished in case of any situation. LED screen enterprises can well refer to and order products to improve the security performance of the theme content of full-color LED display. Driven by the country and the manufacturing industry, led theme content display can develop at full speed in the future and will become one of the key directions of manufacturing development.

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