Five aspects of LED lamp beads determine the quality of LED display rental screen

The general posture of the rental screen of LED full-color display screen is composed of many RGB light-emitting diodes. Each pixel combination has RGB diodes, which display full-color pictures of different colors by the light on and off of each group of pixel lights. At present, outdoor shopping malls are still the main shopping malls for LED display rental screens. According to professional data, LED outdoor display screens account for 60% of the shopping malls, which will inevitably develop everywhere in the future. If you want to know the quality of different LED full-color display screen, you can open it from the following five aspects: the quality and parameters of the LED beads dedicated for the rental screen of full-color LED display screen.
First, inefficiency

rent a led display
Because the LED full-color display consists of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pixels composed of red, green and blue LED beads, the failure of any color LED beads will affect the overall visual effect of the display.
Second, anti-static ability
LED lamp beads are semiconductor devices, which are sensitive to static electricity and easily lead to static electricity failure. Therefore, anti-static ability is crucial to the life of LED display rental screen. Generally speaking, the failure voltage of LED lamp beads in human electrostatic form test should not be less than 2000V.
Third, attenuation characteristics
Red, green and blue LED beads have the characteristics of brightness attenuation with the increase of working time. The quality of LED chips, the quality of auxiliary materials and the concave-convex of packaging technology level determine the attenuation speed of LED beads. Generally speaking, after 1000 hours and 20 milliampere normal temperature lighting test, the attenuation of red LED beads should be less than 10%, and the attenuation of blue and green LED beads should be less than 15%. The consistency of red, green and blue attenuation has a great impact on the white balance of the full-color LED display rental screen in the future, thus affecting the display fidelity of the LED display rental screen.
Fourth, brightness
The brightness of LED lamp beads is the main determining factor of the brightness of the whole screen of the LED display rental screen.
Fifth, consistency
The full-color LED display rental screen is composed of numerous pixels composed of red, green and blue LED beads.

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