P3.91 full color LED display screen for stage video wall is better

P4.81 P3.91 led screen: Commonly used in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and indoor displays, equivalent to LED TV screens. It is also commonly used as a background LED screen for temporary stage construction, performances, and activities. The back of the LED stage screen can be fixed with a truss or Japanese frame. For ease of carrying, transportation, and free disassembly, it is made into a box that can be assembled according to the site environment in any size. Generally, there are iron boxes, aluminum boxes, and also supporting aviation box packaging for transportation. Generally speaking, the p3.91 and p4.81 full color LED display screens are mainly for the rental market, which is the stage background detachable LED large screen. In terms of after-sales maintenance, the full color display screens of p3.91 and p4.81 have lower costs.

led screen rental

How to choose and maintain LED rental screens? The procurement cost of LED stage rental screens is high, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB. Leaseholders hope to participate in more activities as soon as possible to recover costs and extend the lifespan of the screen as much as possible, in order to generate as much revenue as possible. What should be noted when selecting LED display screens? Generally, in indoor environments, the screen area will exceed 5 square meters. Therefore, in this case, there are three options available: DLP (Digital LCD Rear Projection), regular rear projection, and LED display screen. The advantages of DLP are small pixel size, low brightness, and patchwork. Currently, the minimum patchwork can reach 1mm, and rear projection and plasma displays are suitable for close viewing. The advantages of a regular rear projection display screen are small pixel size and high clarity, while the disadvantages are low brightness, small viewing angle, and short lens lamp life (only a few thousand hours). The advantages of indoor LED display screens are high brightness and no seams, while the disadvantages are thicker pixel particles and lower clarity. At present, the most economical model for commercialized indoor full color LED screens is P3.91, while other models include P2.5 P2 P3 and others.

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