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With the continuous development of LED display technology and the rapid changes in social technology, traditional newspaper advertising media and other simple media have gradually faded out of people’s sight. Under its negative growth, the growth rate of outdoor advertising media is as high as 79%, with outdoor LED display screen advertising occupying 35% of the market share and will continue to maintain a strong momentum of growth.
At traffic intersections, bustling commercial streets, and other places, outdoor LED displays can be seen for advertising, alternating between commercial advertisements and some public service advertisements. The forms of advertising are endless and diverse, with extremely rich content;

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1. The advertising format is novel and has a wide audience.
Outdoor LED display screens are widely used in public places with high pedestrian traffic and important transportation routes, attracting active attention from viewers through intuitive, visual, and vivid advertising forms. They have a wider audience range and are more mandatory for viewing than traditional media. In addition to outdoor advertising, it can also release information, enrich people’s cultural and entertainment life, and be recognized and loved by the general public.
2. The publishing process is simple and convenient.
The outdoor LED display screen is actually a computer display, connected to the computer through data cable or wireless communication. With simple settings on the computer, it can be used to publish advertising content, which is both convenient and fast.
3. Advertising updates are fast.
Advertising operators and publishers can update the advertising content of LED display screens at any time by changing the advertising program or changing some text on the computer host, and the update process is not limited by other external conditions.
4. High arrival rate
Through strategic media arrangements and distribution, outdoor advertising can create ideal arrival rates.
5. Strong visual impact
Outdoor LED display screens can comprehensively utilize various elements such as size, shape, vehicle form, color, and 3D of advertisements, providing creative flexibility and strong expressive power for advertising creation; Excellent advertisers can skillfully apply these elements, while leveraging the comprehensive effects of high-tech materials and technology to vividly portray the advertising theme and demonstrate a strong visual impact to attract audiences.
6. Low cost per thousand people
Outdoor media may be the most cost-effective mass media. Although its prices vary, its cost per thousand people (i.e. the media fee required for every thousand audiences) is quite interesting compared to other media: a spotlight billboard costs $2, a radio station costs $5, a magazine costs $9, and a prime time TV costs $1020! But customers ultimately value the cost per thousand people, which is the cost per thousand audiences.
7. High urban coverage
By combining the target audience in a certain city, choosing the right publishing location, and using the right outdoor media, you can reach multiple levels of people in the ideal range, and your advertisement can match the pace of life of your audience very well.
8. Single media dispersed but massive in quantity
Multiple combinations of outdoor media vehicles are used, and the effectiveness of integration and dissemination is evident in conjunction with other media campaigns;
9. Insufficient outdoor media
The outdoor LED display screen has a small promotional area and is not suitable for carrying complex information. The short transmission time is referred to as “eyeball economy, three second competition”, information updates are relatively lagging, and advertising is not standardized.
These deficiencies can largely be compensated for by the unique creativity of advertisers and the use of new materials and technologies, and China’s outdoor advertising management mechanism is also constantly moving towards standardization and legalization. I believe that as long as we fully utilize its characteristics and advantages in the operation of outdoor media, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, we will definitely be able to perform outdoor advertising more brilliantly.

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