Super high definition small space LED display for  big screen

Small spacing high-definition LED display technology uses high-density and small spacing surface mount encapsulated LED as display panel, supports seamless splicing of the whole screen, and forms a high-resolution digital display system. It can fully meet the wide application requirements of high-definition radio and television, command and control, video monitoring, conference display and other fields, represents the latest direction of today’s indoor display technology, and leads the development trend of indoor display technology with its excellent performance.

small pixel pitch led wall
Technical features:
1. Standard unit design, support any size of the whole screen “truly seamless splicing”;
2. Point by point brightness, chroma correction, to ensure that the brightness and color of the whole screen with a high degree of reproducibility and consistency;
3. High contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate, meet the high-speed motion image display;
4. With low brightness and high brightness, the brightness of the whole screen can be adjusted steplessly to fully meet the brightness requirements of various indoor display environments. The picture is more beautiful and the details are perfectly presented;
5. The wide range of color temperature is adjusted from 2500K to 10000K to meet the requirements of different application fields, especially suitable for some applications with special color requirements, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference, medical display and so on;
6. Die casting aluminum box, high efficiency heat dissipation, no fan design, zero noise;
7. 100000 hours of super long service life, convenient maintenance, saving operation and maintenance costs;
8. Support 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted work.

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