RGBLINK venus X1/X2/X3/X7 led video processor for advertising

one needs to invest in a video processor that meets all the requirements of your LED display’s graphical presentation. Hence, it’s better to look for models that can fit from the basics to the advanced LED display screen requirements. For this, we’ve discussed below some of the best and highly reliable video processors offered by RGBLINK venus including; RGBLINK X1, RGBLINK X2, RGBLINK X3, RGBLINK X7.

led video processor
So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover them in detail, shall we?

RGBLINK Venus Video Processors

The RGBLINK X1 serves as a multiple outputs video processor that is suitable for accepting various video signals for the LED display. Some of the video signals this video processor accepts include; DVI, VGA, HDMI, CVBS, DP, SDI, and USB. Additionally, this model comes with all the necessary features to avail of a seamless performance of video processing on your LED display. This includes the presence of features like fade in fade out, glitch-free switching, advanced scaling technology, and high-resolution video presentation ability.

Additionally, this model also supports EDID editing through the input HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports; while supporting the EDID read through its output ports and its modification through the windows control program. You can also avail of the advanced user-defined image size and coordination feature with dual processing, multiple cascade mapping, various user controlling and configurations, key-in key-out, and other similar high-end advanced working features.

With all this, you also get a local front panel operation as well as remote windows based software control of this video processor. Both these features allow a more reliable and user-friendly usage of the device.

Similar to the previous model, the RGBLINK X2 also offers you with the same basic features of a video processor. However, what makes this model one step ahead of the previous x2 model is the presence of some updated and more user-friendly features for a high-end video processing experience.

With this RGBLINK X3, you get a more advanced experience of video processing on your LED display screen. Other than the same basic features, this model comes with some additional advanced features that can fit in your advanced LED display’s video processing needs.

This includes a scalable video wall processing through 8 display outputs, at least 16 modular inputs present across four slots, and up to 16 layers of outputs present across 8 outputs. Other than this, you also gain a dedicated high-speed video/graphical bus that serves you with real-time working performance.

Additionally, the presence of seamless switching from inputs, layers and display windows, the independent preview module along with streaming feature, and simultaneous/multiple operation modes option; all these enhance the working ease and advanced user-experience for you to smartly manage your LED display.

Lastly, the RGBLINK X7 is one of the most advanced and highly professional video processors that serve as a universal model of video wall controller as well as a processor with multi-mode operation features.

Now, what makes this model a lot more advanced and reliable in the presence of its output capacity of 128 megapixels, 64 layers of the display, independent resolution outputs, and a wide variety of SmartSlot modules of 2K and 4K for both the inputs and outputs of the device.

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