Novastar MCRTL 4K/MCRTL1600/MCRTL R5 4K video controller

Are you pleased with the idea of buying a 4K video controller? Well, a 4K Video Controller serves as a plug-and-play hardware solution that creates a high-quality –screen video view. This video view can be used on either an LED wall panel or your electronica equipment to avail the best of electronica media’s results, without putting too much technical effort.4k led display

Now the best part about the 4K Video Controllers is that their controlling features and video performance/quality is undeniably the most reliable and attractive. However, only if you look for the best brand or model options is when you can avail of the most reliable and efficient performance.

Novastar MCRTL 4K
Talking about this, why not discuss some of the best video controllers by the most reliable and popular brand, i.e. NovaStar? You must have heard about NovaStar’s efficient and reliable manufacturing of efficient equipment, right? However, when it comes to investing in some, only a few models serve the best.

So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and discover their features and performance below in detail.

Novastar MCRTL 4K:
This Novastar MCRTL 4K LED Video Controller serves as a high –class and independent Kx2K option for meeting all your video controlling needs.

Now if we talk about the basic features, this MCRTL 4K comes with complete input connectors, and support for 16 x Gigabit Ethernal ports, 3 video bit, both Mosaic and Multi-card modes, HDR10, and super high-resolution settings for you to make the most through.

Additionally, the innovative and reliable architecture design of this video controller lets you avail of a smart configuration experience. And if that’s not enough, then it’s adopting of NovaStar G engine for perfect image display is something you’d surely fall in love with.

So with all this, and the support of screen configuration, easy/quick brightness adjustment, and cascading multiple controllers; you can surely make the most out of this model’s outstanding performance and reliability.

Novastar MCRTL1600:
This Novastar MCRTL1600 is another one of NovaStar’s most efficient and highly reliable 4Kx2K master video controller. mode and the photoelectric conversion mode; both serve you with flexible usage and video controlling solution – at all times.

To improve the LED display quality for your videos, this MCRTL1600 also supports RGB independent gamma adjustment and controls all sorts of displaying and controlling problems. Now if all this isn’t enough, its support for multiple equipment, large resolution settings through NVIDIA computer graphics, and Nova’s new point-by-point calibration; all this would surely enhance your video controlling experience like nothing before.

So go ahead, and let this MCRTL1600 enhance your LED screen or other electrical media’s video performance by controlling it efficiently with the best of equipment.

Novastar MCRTL R5
Now if you’re looking for a highly advanced and unique 4K video controller, then this Novastar MCRTL R5 is certainly the right one for you. Since it serves as the very first LED display controller of NovaStar that supports display rotation, you are sure to avail of a high-profile performance out of it


Do you want your LED display screen to portray a 4K video performance that fits your business or personal needs? Well then, you need a highly reliable 4K video controller for this.

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